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ASA and AOPA China work together to further develop China’s Aviation

May 26th, during the Anyang Air Show, the delegation from Wuhan City made a special trip to meet the ASA team seeking strategic corporation with ASA as well as The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) and Aero Sport Federation of China (ASFC) to build World Flight Exposition (WFE) which is the China’s ‘EAA’.
Wuhan City is the fourth largest city in China. The city’s government created a special district, approximately 30 sq km, devoted for the Aviation Industrial Park. The ASA will corroborating with the city governments and investors to help invite more USA and overseas aviation manufacturers to move in the industrial park.
The Wuhan City Governments and officials have also been invited to Oshkosh to participate in the EAA event which may create more opportunities for ASA member and manufactures.

May 28th, the president of ASA, Mr. ShuDong Li and Chip W. Erwin, the president of Aeromarine Consul Inc., visited AOPA China headquarters in Beijing to meet with the AOPA China secretary general, Mr. Zhang Feng, Director Ms. Li Fang Lan, and Director of AOPA China Aviation Culture, Mr. Zhang Jun.
After a brief introduction of both associations, Secretary General, Mr. Zhang Feng and ASA President ShuDong Li made a preliminary agreement to work together and further promote aviation in China and International Aviation Exchange.

михайлова ольга михайловна ярославль невролог где принимает ShuDong Li and Chip W. Erwin were also invited to participate to join the News Conference for AOPA for the 3rd Annual AOPA International Flight Training Expo.  ASA will help invite ASA members and USA Aviation Communities to join this event.

как делать коробкудля денегна свадьбу  Ms. Li Fang Lan, Mr. ShuDong Li, Mr. Zhang Feng, Mr. Chip W. Erwin, and Mr. Zhang Jun.

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CHINA’S FAMOUS PARAGLIDING BASE IN BEAUTIFUL LIN LU MOUNTAINS кантарис композитум инструкцияпо применению


China’s Lin Lu Mountains is the most famous paragliding base in Asia. This place hosts many international paragliding championships. The ASA representative team joined the championship opening ceremony and observed the event.

Anyang China – Lin Lu Mountains


Anyang China – Lin Lu Mountains

Opening Ceremony секс 500 екатеринбург Opening Ceremony Event Photos


Around 100 athletes coming from over 15 countries participated in this event


Paragliding Base on top of the Lin Lu Mountains

 ASA team members.

ASA Team Leader, Mr. Dan Johnson and Event Reporter.


ASA team member, Paul Mather – President of M-Square interviewed by Hunan Province Television News.

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