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The Aero Sports Federation of China (ASFC) is the main administrator of Sports Aviation under China’s sports bureau. ASFC handles the nation’s Sports Aviation licensing, flight training, aviation supplies, and approves all national/international aviation related events, air-shows and forums. From 2016 to 2020, the ASFC is planning to build 20,000 air parks and sports aviation clubs in China. In 2015 the ASFC built the first 50 air parks in China. In 2016 there now over 100 air parks built by ASFC. The Aero Sports Association (ASA) has partnered with the ASFC to merge the sports aviation clubs and air parks and to provide a official supply chain for their clubs and member as well as the competition teams .

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Formerly  known  as  the  China  Aviation  Construction  and  Development  Corporation,  founded  in 1985. Being qualified as a class A architectural designer, China Aviation International Construction Co., Ltd. (AVIC AIC) is one of the first groups of units to qualify for EPC in China. ASA has partnered with AVIC AIC with the purpose to provide a potential aviation companies who are interested in China’s aviation market. AVIC AIC will provide financial investment support for the project, such as: facility construction,certification process, and financial support. home cosmic gate перевод To learn more about AVIC AIC click here. прощай любовь стихи девушке sdaia

как накачать внутреннюю часть бедра в условиях Shadong Aviation Industry Association of China (SDAIA) is a non-profit organization approved by the Shandong province government. SDAIA has 79 corporate members, including: Shadong Airlines, Jinan International Airport Co., LD., Binzhou University, AVIC Jinan Research Center, Huizhong General Aviation Services LTD. and the Nanshan Business Jet Limited Company. SDAIA will collaborate with ASA to organize international aviation expos and air-shows, as well as to develop a regional sports aviation industrial base and several seaplane centers.

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мужчина водолей петух характеристика совместимость Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (Aeronautics and Astronautics Industrial Park) is located in Wuhan City. Wuhan City Specializes in the automotive industry. Wuhan City has made a decision to focus on General Aviation Developments such as building General Aviation Airport and developing aviation Industrial Zone and to prepare a 24.5 squared kilo meter land to build an aeronautic and astronautic industrial park for their next 5-year project plan. In 2017, WEDZ will organize an international sports aviation and aerobatic events called the World Fly-In Exhibition (WFE) supported by The World Air Sports Federation (FAI), the Aero Sports Federation of China (ASFC) and ASA. где находится могила ахматовой

сценка про осень Anyang Aero Sports Culture and Tourism Festival Organization 安阳航空运动文化旅游节组委会
ASA is part of the events organization committee collaborating with Anyang city government to establish an aviation trading and culture exchange platform through the annual event. 126 алтынколь на карте казахстана