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ASA is an aviation organization based in Silicon Valley, California. The members of our organization include US and International manufacturers, pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The association is designed to establish an international exchange platform to promote and develop aviation sports. The ASA provides support and services to help aviation manufacturers with their business developments while also focusing on the most potential Chinese market to support aviation businesses growth. In recent years, ASA has sign strategic cooperation agreements with China’s national level aviation administrative offices such as Aero Sports Federation of China(ASFC), Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China(AOPA), and regional aviation industry development zone in Wuhan City, Zheng Zhou City, Anyang City etc. ASA also has cooperated with big investment companies such as China Communications Construction Company Ltd.(CCCC), China International Trust Investment Corporation(CITIC), as well as Greentown Real Estate Group Company Ltd., to invest and develop China’s aviation industry. ASA has opened a special program to handle LSA distributing and sales, used aircraft trading, flight training program, aviation city exchange, aviation development foundation, and aviation finance and insurance services.

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  • Business Developments

    Organizing Aviation Forums and Promoting Business Possibilities. ASA is a reliable partner.We are co-organizing International Air Shows ­­­as well as Aviation Exchange Events.We provide support and help for international aviation companies to land in China’s market.

  • Investments Opportunity

    Whether you are seeking funding or looking for opportunities to invest, ASA will provide a great source for your investment needs. We have a broad range of manufacturing members and have listed teams of investors. Through our ASA platform, our professional teams will screen and assess your objectives and provide convenient and effective ways to reach your investment goals.

  • Distributing and Sales

    Through defined sales channels and market developments, ASA team is your best choice.Team up Air is the official supply store for ASA. We have developed a unique sales model with elite member manufacturers and brands to team up and join forces. We combine all resources, shared sales channels, reduce operating costs and create marketing and sales force.

  • News & Regulation

    The ASA news and events provides live news and information as well as shares the most recent rules and regulations released from the governments. This information will give you a great opportunity to better understand the future aviation market and to make informed decisions.

  • Workshop and Training

    ASA is cooperated with Aviation associations, fly clubs, fan groups and invited aviation experts to open workshop seminars to our members and communities. We also publish research, reports and articles to promote and develop aviation sports.

  • Cultural Tour Exchange

    ASA focuses on comprehensive exchange of companies, groups and individuals. We organize exchange programs internationally by providing cultural tours, attending aviation events and sightseeing.