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Since the first aircraft took to the air, the sky has become for many a place of excitement. Many generations of aviation enthusiasts have worked with passion, sharing the aviation spirit to pursue the dream of flying.
Today the aviation industry involves many people, who in many different ways improve the quality of life, stimulate world and local economies, and even revolutionize technology that lead to entirely new products that reach well beyond the aviation industry, and this is all expected to continue. But at its roots Aviation Sports is about freedom, in which many individuals and societies come together.The ASA  with the mission to create an international platform to promote and develop the pursuit of aviation sports. That is our passion, and that is what we do every single day.

ShuDong Li
Aero Sports Association (ASA)

About Shu Dong Li

Shu Dong Li  serves as the President of the Aero Sport Association (ASA) and is a lifetime member of the EAA. In recent years, Li has devoted himself to developing communication platforms and also new trade platforms between the U.S. and China, with the purpose of aiding the general aviation industry. The ASA aids international aviation organizations, co-organizes international airshows, and assists with  business conferences, academic forums and tours of cities that work in the aviation industry.Outside of the ASA Shu Dong Li is vice-president of the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) which leads more than 77 International, national, and regional Health Qigong Associations. He also serve as President of USA National Tai Chi Wellness Foundation, and had led the U.S. National Wushu (Martial Arts) team to the World Wushu Championships, the World Combat Games, and also the World Games, which are  organised and governed by the International World Games Association (IWGA), under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Shu Dong also operates which is now the largest online Chinese Martial Art supplies distributor in the United States.Shu Dong Li has numerous connections not just in China, but throughout the world, and as President of the ASA he makes every effort to promote general aviation and aero sport internationally.

Manufacture Committee

chipDarrell Lynds
Pres. of MVP.Aero In & Chair of ASA Seaplane Committee
chipLarry Mednick
President of Evolution Trikes
chipChip W. Erwin
President of Aeromarine LSA
chipPaul Mather
President of M-Squared, Inc.
chipJohn Uptigrove
President of Innovator Technologies
chipAbid Farooqui
President of SilverLight Aviation
chipMike Robinson
President of BlackHawk Paramoter
chipTony Watkin
President of Bushcaddy
chipGalen Geigley
Sales and Marketing Director of Powrachute
chipBob Wolstenholme
President and CEO of LCTI/Lancair International.

Aerobatic Team

chipMelissa Pemberton
Deputy Chair of ASA Aerobatic Team
chipRex Pemberton
Chair of ASA Aerobatic Team